The name, M_1978, is the combination of our family name and the year when the artisan Mario Mannucci started his career in jewelry sector.
The father Mario passed on his passion and experience to his son Marco, who decided to continue the family tradition making in the city of Perugia in Umbria, Italy.
Thanks to his talent and experience, Marco is working now on the creative aspect of design, with passion for antiquities that takes him back to the origins, where he finds a pure and primordial vision of objects.
The inspiration behind M_1978 collections is Matter.
Experimenting with Matter means working through suggestions and attempts since it is only by getting one’s hands dirty that one can succeed in making every single creation unique, like a work of art.
The project differs from the trends of conventional fashion and focuses on a uniqueness that prefers irregularity and imperfection, dusty colors, stains and cuts.

M_1978 is in a continuous evolution and highlights the details typical of the Made in Italy tradition.