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  • B106


    Bracelet silver925 gr.38- black spinel stones ct.0,67

    Handmade chain light and movable

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  • B154_3


    Bracelet Silver925 oxidized gr.16,3 – diamonds rose cut ct.0,36 .

    Composed by hand hammered element and short chain for closure, semirigid wearing

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  • B29_1


    Bracelet-Silver925 oxidized gr.47,5 Рblu sapphire cut carrè ct.o,40.

    Composed by wrought chain hand hammered, semi rigid form

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  • B30_1


    Bracelet-Silver925 oxidized gr.31,5-blu sapphire ct.0,09.

    Exclusive piece inspired to engravings like an old compact 40’Century

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  • B40_5


    Bracelet-Silver925 oxidized gr.38,6-rock slate-cabochon onyx stones.

    Exclusive piece inspired by material Paris roof of building.


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  • B42_2


    Bracelet-Silver925 oxidized gr.49,2 – wire leather.

    Composed of modular element with moving shapes.

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  • B542


    Bracelet Silver925 oxidized gr.20,6- leather- swarovski.

    Composed by a chain leather covered, on the other side by swarovski covered

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  • B69


    Bracelet Silver925 oxidized gr.57,9- black horse leather.

    Composed on 5 wires moving, the closure is a small lace in vegetable leather and button in silver.

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  • B69-2


    Bracelet Silver925 oxidized gr.37,7 – natural corundum stones.

    Composed on 3 wire with “micro element” ornamental

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  • B75


    Bracelet Silver925 oxidized gr.52,1-labradorite stones.

    Exclusive piece inspired to the real berries of forest, wearing remains soft on the wrist

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  • BT18


    Belt-Calf leather vegetable tanned -iron rusty.

    Experimental set-up with buckle of rusty iron hand-hammered, with leather hand burned texture.

    Leather width 2,5cm


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  • BT19_1


    Belt-Calf leather vegetable tanned -iron rusty.

    Experimental set-up with buckle of rusty iron hand-hammered, leather width 2cm

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