For each item, we provide pictures and description containing all the revelant details. In order to have further details on the item and it’s earability, customers can write an email to
a shop@m-1978.com.

M-1978 reserves the right to refuse an order in the case in which global collect does not obtain the approval from customer’s bank.
Onve an order made of available items has been placed, the order and any other information provided cannot be changed.
Orders placed separately will be dispatched separately.

Customers who receive a promo code through newsletter, through socila sentwork or on authorized websites, can insert the promo code in the personal area “account profile” or at the checkout page.

The tracking number can be obtained by logginin to the personal area, into the orders section, and be clicking on each order.
M-1978 suggests customers to visit the courier website in order to monitor the status of the order.

The amount of the transactions made by credit cards will be settled only when processing the order and then made on production.
If the payment method chosen is bank transfer, the order will be tendered to the artisans only after the payment is confirmed and validated in our bank account.
The shipping will be processed on the terms of contract.


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